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God created various people for various purpose, but he created us for Nama. Established in 02-Apr-1995, Sri Rama Nama Bank is a bhagawan nama organization, bhagawan nama is its path and purpose.


  • To spread the bhagawan nama and its glory to the nook and corner of the world through NAMA lekhanam (Writing of the bhagawan nama)
  • Trying to make people to utter the bhagawan nama at least once


Many organization has Nama as one of their mission, but Sri Rama Nama Bank  is the only organization having NAMA as the one and only mission. Rama Nama Bank functions through writing of the bhagawan nama and by this, till now we has consecrated 3239 crores of bhagawan nama in 100 different places in India. Now, we are about to consecrate 1008 crores of bhagawan nama in one place for dharshan. The habit of writing of the bhagawan nama exist in our heritage. Srimad Vaalmiki Ramayana is the very proof for this.

In recent times, Sri Maha Peariyava showed the path by making people to write ‘Sri Ramajayam’ and giving them silver coin. Making people to write the bhagawan nama even by giving silver coins, shows the greatness of the bhagawan nama writing (Lekanam). After writing the bhagawan nama,  Maha Peariyava, sent all the bhagawan nama manuscripts to Sri Baghawan Nama Bodendra Swamigal adhisthanam (sub-stratum) in Govindapuram. This is the very reason for the origin of this organization. Already many glorious people had involved in this.

‘Tri Thandi’ Jeeiyar collected the bhagawan nama in a small level and has built big monuments for it and had performed homams. He has consecrated the bhagawan nama in 100 different places. In Badrachala, writing of the bhagawan nama (Nama Lekanam) is very prominent. The written bhagawan nama are surrendered in the Sannidhi and then taken in to Godhavari river.

In many different places, consecrating the bhagawan nama and building monuments above it, placing the bhagawan nama in the foundation, consecrating a deity above the bhagawan nama are in practice. Differing from these, we preserve the written bhagawan nama manuscripts and consecrate them and make them available for Dharshan. This has motivated numerous persons and this is our experience. This is due to the grace and directions of Sri Maha Peariyava and the guidance of Sri Sri Krishna Premi Anna. The proof from Sasthras, for that bhagawan nama only is sufficient, is got from Sri Baghawan Nama Bodendra Swamigal. The Nama Siddhanta (doctrine) and experience and of many glorious people and Sadhus always by standby with us.


Having NAMA as the one and only  base,  we perform the following activities.

Nama Akandam:
Chanting of the bhagawan nama continuously for a specific duration (2 to 4 hrs) in the premises of Rama Nama Bank or in the homes, temples and other places requested by devotees

.Nama Yatra:
Taking the collected bhagawan nama manuscripts by procession to various places in and around India for Dharshan for the public. Throughout the procession chanting of the bhagawan nama will be done continuously.

Nama Pradhishta:
Consecrating the collected bhagawan nama manuscripts in homes/temples and other blessed places as requested by devotees. The consecration will be done in multiples of 1 crore Nama, 13 crore, 50 crore, 100 crore as requested by devotees. Now 1000 crore of the collected bhagawan nama manuscripts is likely to be Consecrated in the premises of Rama Nama Bank.

Nama Mugaam/Camp:
Rama Nama Bank members and devotees gathering in a public place and chanting the bhagawan nama continuously from morning till evening.

Prarthana Chanting:
Chanting the bhagawan nama by Rama Nama Bank members and devotees in the premises of the Rama Nama Bank or in the places convenient to places upon request by the devotee towards the fulfillment of their genuine prayers.

Nama Unchavirtthi:
Throughout the Unchavirtthi chanting of the bhagawan nama will be done continuously. Devotees will offer Nama Biksha by offering the completed Rama Nama notebooks. During the Unchavirtthi the notebooks for writing the bhagawan nama will be distributed to the public.

The prime intention behind all above ways of preaching is to give Nama Smaranam or Nama Shravanam to the people and even to the moveables and immoveable thing in God's creation. The Nama uttered knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously,  or even as a fun or as an act of criticism will have its great effect on the person who chanted it.

We firmly believe that only BHAGAWAN NAMA is the ultimate savior in Kali Yuga. Among various Namas, Eka nama (single nama) is the only refuge in this Kali. Due to this we were able to reach out to 23 lakhs of devotees.

Even a single utterance of the bhagawan nama is possible only if you have merits accumulated by performing good deeds for 4 lakhs crore births.
As a jeeva in Kali yuga, we have no dharma left out other than the bhagawan nama, which will destroys all the your sins and gives you wisdom at the right time.

Other wings of RNB

Rama Nama Bank has two other wings
  1. Bhagawan Nama Publications
  2. Anna Dhaana Samajam:

Bhagawan Nama Publications:
This is the publication and Prachar wing of Rama Nama Bank. This publication wing is the part of our Nama Pracharam. We publish the Nama notebooks in which the devotees can write the bhagawan nama.

We also publish very rare and old divine granthas and Nama siddhantha vishayam.
As the collection of Nama increased, the titles published by us also got increased. This is Nama Mahaatmyam and that how we see it.

Some of the books published by us are given only as prasadham for those who help us in Nama Pracharam and for those who actively participate in Nama Pracharam.

Some of our prime publications include the following
1. Srimad Bhagavatham
2. Srimad Bhagavatham - Prathi Patha Artham
3. Sri Valmiki Ramayanam
4. Sri Valmiki Ramayanam - Prathi Patha Artham
5. Sri Bhavatha Rahasyam (not for sale - offerred only as Prasadam)
6. Divine history of Sri Bodendral, Sri Iyyawal, Sri Sadguru Swamigal and other Saints
For complete list of our publication and price, please Click here (Go to Bhagawan Nama Publications page)

Anna Dhaana Samajam:
Distribution of Prasadam (food) to the needy on the occassions requested by devotees.
For more details please call us.

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